Flatten Firebase Properties and Parameters in Bigquery

At Google I/O May 2017, Firebase announced Google Analytics for Firebase, a fantastic tool that automatically captures data on how people are using your iOS and Android app and lets you define your own custom app events. Like Google Analytics 360, it offers the ability to export raw data to Google BigQuery for custom analysis. There are a few posts on Google Cloud Platform Blog and Firebase Blog on how to query the Firebase dataset, but none of them giving much advise on how to analyze multiple properties and parameters at the same time. »

Flatten Google Analytics Custom Dimensions with a BigQuery UDF

Updated 2018-04-23 with a fourth alternative - Unnest Are you one of the lucky digital analysts that have a google analytics premium account? (If not, checkout the open source solution DataHem to get premium features such as your GA data in BigQuery) Then you know you can export your data to Google BigQuery and analyze it in an adhoc and explorative manner using SQL. One frequent use case for BigQuery is to analyze many custom dimensions at the same time. »