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Robert Sahlin

Data Scientist

I am a data scientist pursuing challenges, responsibility and the opportunity to make a difference.

I have a long and strong track record of successful analytics and strategy projects spanning multiple industries.The combination of technology, user experience and business development is what triggers me and it has also guided my choices in terms of both studies and my profession, but it also takes up a lot of my spare time reading, blogging and tweeting about it.

In short, I master all steps in the data life cycle and I tell stories with data.


Digital Analytics & Strategy

I have many years experience in digital analytics and strategies.

Big Data

I have great skills in developing Big data solutions built on top of Hadoop and Google Big Query

Machine Learning

I have in depth knowledge in statistics and machine learning on big real world datasets

My Works

My Skills


Big Data

Hadoop, Spark, Google Big Query


Machine Learning

Regression, Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, Clustering



Java, Python, R, Javascript, Hive, Pig, SQL


Digital Analytics

Tag management, Click Stream, A/B-Testing, Surveys


Digital Strategy

SWOT, Goals, Segmentation, Positioning, Value Proposition, Activities


Business Intelligence

Power BI, Excel

I am available for Talks

My Resume

  • Present
  • Bonnier AB

    Data Scientist

    I collect and refine customer and behavioural data on a group level and turn that into actionable insights for subsidiaries in the Bonnier group. I identify and quantify new potential business opportunities, primarily in digital media. I proactively develop new analytics methods and analyze complex scenarios. I am also responsible for developing analytics solutions with focus on Big Data architecture and visualisation.

    MAR 2015 to Present
  • Thomas Cook Northern Europe

    Data Scientist

    Data scientist, data engineer and big data champion. I develop powerful web analytics solutions based on Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics premium, Google Big Query, Hadoop and SQL Server Parallell Data Warehouse. I'm also responsible for A/B-testing the releases of business critical features on the Nordic websites and mining web data to improve customer satisfaction as well as product yield.

    SEP 2012 to MAR 2013
  • Thomas Cook Northern Europe

    Web Analyst

    Thomas Cook Northern Europe is the most profitable travel group in Europe. The group includes Ving Sweden, Globetrotter, Ving Norway, Spies Denmark, Tjareborg Finland, Thomas Cook Airlines and Hotels and Resorts. I am responsible for analysing and optimising the group's online business and web development projects. I am also responsible for providing the local analysts with the tools, training and support to answer local business questions that relate to web analytics. Further, I initiated and set the requirements for the group's custom built A/B-testing solution that have served hundreds of tests until today.

    JAN 2010 to SEP 2012
  • Ving Sweden

    Web Analyst & Affiliate Marketing Manager

    Ving is the biggest travel company in Sweden and more than 60% of the travel packages are sold online. I was responsible for analysing and optimising the company's presence online (web site, campaigns, social media, etc.). In my two years as responsible for the affiliate marketing program I turned it into the company's most cost efficient marketing channel while growing the turnover with 500% to constitute a major distribution channel.

    MAY 2007 to JAN 2010
  • Cloud Nine

    Web Strategy Consultant

    Cloud Nine is a web agency specialised on digital strategies and how companies can leverage their business online. In my role as a web strategy consultant and web analyst I carried out strategy projects to deliver business value online. The projects included intranets and public web presence and spanned over various aspects (marketing, sales, customer service, PR, etc.) and industries (finance, telecom and travel). I was responsible for the web analytics service offering and developed methods and models for efficient business optimisation.

    FEB 2006 to MAY 2007
  • Capgemini

    Management Consultant

    As a management consultant I worked mostly in projects within the telco sector. The projects include program management as well as developing business cases and decision support for the client's management team. I also carried out market analysis of web based selfservice, home gateways and tripple play.

    JAN 2005 to FEB 2006
  • Education
  • Machine Learning


    This course provides a broad introduction to machine learning, datamining, and statistical pattern recognition. Topics include: (i) Supervised learning (parametric/non-parametric algorithms, support vector machines, kernels, neural networks). (ii) Unsupervised learning (clustering, dimensionality reduction, recommender systems, deep learning). (iii) Best practices in machine learning (bias/variance theory; innovation process in machine learning and AI).

    2003 - 2004
  • Master of Science in Industrial engineering and management

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology

    The program emphasises the integraton of technical problem solving and economic context. Leadership and teamwork skills are accentuated as well. My studies are oriented towards telecommunication (Internet) and marketing. My master's thesis includes application development, usability studies and business model development.(www.i.kth.se)

    1999 - 2004
  • IT-management

    Stockholm University

    ITM focused on IT as an enabler in the design of business models and organisations in a dynamic context.(itm.dsv.su.se)

    2003 - 2004

My References

Some quotes about me

"Robert har en nyfikenhet och drivkraft som innebär att han alltid levererar i sina projekt. Därutöver identifierar han nya möjligheter till analys och optimering genom att utforska ny teknik. Han har en stor förståelse för både affärskrav och kundnytta samt hur analys kan bidra på både en strategisk och operativ nivå"

Åsa Broberg

e-Business Development Director Thomas Cook Northern Europe

"Robert är en skarp analytiker med en stor förståelse för affären och ett starkt kundfokus. Han ser ständigt till kundens behov och är därmed en bidragande del i affären. Jag har aldrig träffat någon mer passionerad kring hur data kan hjälpa företaget skapa goda relationer med sina kunder."

Jens Malmqvist

Operational Sales Manager Online @Telenor

"Robert är en otroligt duktig analytiker och strateg, men det som gör honom unik är att han har ett genuint intresse för sitt område - vilket gör att han ofta är först med att ta till sig ny kunskap och är den som hitta lösningar på kluriga problem. Han har dessutom förmågan att engagera andra och förmedla hur analysen ska användas för att optimera affären."

Martina Lidman

Web Analyst @Svenska Spel

"I want to give Robert my best recommendations for his work at Cloud Nine. Robert combines the best from a Management consultancy perspective with a creative approach. I think Robert is one of the best digital strategists I have worked with."

Ola Oredsson

CEO @Cloud Nine

"Robert är en enastående talang. Han är den skarpaste webbstrateg och analytiker jag mött. Han har ett oslagbart intellekt, är strukturerad och analytisk. Kombinerat med en entreprenörssjäl, positiv attityd och starkt engagemang bidrog han starkt till att positionera Cloud Nine som Sveriges ledande aktör inom webbstrategi."

Björn Elmberg

VP @Cloud Nine

My Process

  1. Define the business problem

    What is the goal? What do you want to predict or estimate, and why?

  2. Get the data

    Identify data sources, collect and process data.

  3. Explore the data

    Plot the data. Are there anomalies or patterns?

  4. Build the model

    Extract features. Build a model. Fit the model. Validate the model.

  5. Communicate and visualise

    What did we learn? Do the results make sense? Can we tell a story? Make a decision.

  6. Build data product

    Build, Test, Launch and Adjust to biases

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