Configure Google Analytics Bigquery export to EU region

A year ago when I tried to set up BigQuery export on one of our Google Analytics premium views I found out that I couldn’t chose region for the export and that it defaults to US. Since my employer is an European comapny I prefer to store the data in EU. Google wasn’t aware of the problem themselves and filed a feature request to the Cloud Platform engineering team. However, I couldn’t wait for that and managed to come up with a solution myself, it was surprisingly easy:

When I activate bigquery export a dataset is created in bigquery. The dataset is named with a number and I noticed that this ID is the same as the ID for the view I want to export.

Hence, the solution is to:

  1. Create a dataset in Bigquery with the view ID as name and EU as the region.
  2. Setup the export in Google Analytics
  3. Wait and voila - your GA data starts pouring into your Bigquery dataset in the EU region!

I think they way the export works is that it first looks for a dataset with the view ID and if it doesn’t already exist then a dataset is created in the default region, i.e. US.

I hope this prove to be useful for my fellow digital analysts in EU.

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