Flatten Google Analytics Custom Dimensions with a BigQuery UDF

Are you one of the lucky digital analysts that have a google analytics premium account? Then you know you can export your data to Google BigQuery and analyze it in an adhoc and explorative manner using SQL. One frequent use case for BigQuery is to analyze many custom dimensions at the same time. But there is a challenge in how to do that in BigQuery since it follows a nested/repeated pattern. »

Configure Google Analytics Bigquery export to EU region

A year ago when I tried to set up BigQuery export on one of our Google Analytics premium views I found out that I couldn’t chose region for the export and that it defaults to US. Since my employer is an European comapny I prefer to store the data in EU. Google wasn’t aware of the problem themselves and filed a feature request to the Cloud Platform engineering team. However, I couldn’t wait for that and managed to come up with a solution myself, it was surprisingly easy: »