Google Analytics Custom Dimension Alias in Bigquery

Second to being able to export your Google Analytics data to Google BigQuery, the feature I value the most with the premium version of GA is that you are not limited to 20 custom dimensions but have 200 to play with! However, if you have many custom dimensions, it quickly becomes hard to remember what dimension each index represents, the value isn’t always selfdescribing. Hence being able to give the custom dimension a more descriptive identifier than an index could be useful. »

Flatten Google Analytics Custom Dimensions with a BigQuery UDF

Updated 2018-04-23 with a fourth alternative - Unnest Are you one of the lucky digital analysts that have a google analytics premium account? (If not, checkout the open source solution DataHem to get premium features such as your GA data in BigQuery) Then you know you can export your data to Google BigQuery and analyze it in an adhoc and explorative manner using SQL. One frequent use case for BigQuery is to analyze many custom dimensions at the same time. »

Configure Google Analytics Bigquery export to EU region

(Updated 2018-01-23): Google has now included my input in the GA360 BigQuery Export documentation for how to geolocate your data in EU. April 2017 when I tried to set up BigQuery export on one of our Google Analytics premium views I found out that I couldn’t chose region for the export and that it defaults to US. Since my employer is an European comapny I prefer to store the data in EU. »