Streaming Analytics affect both tracking and analytics!

Streaming Analytics will change the way you should think about both tracking and analytics in digital analytics. How? Tracking: Since tracking has been focused on decision making, it has mainly captured performance metrics rather than signals that can be used to personalize the user experience. That has to shift with the advent of streaming analytics. Analytics: In batch analytics you let the query run over your data, but in streaming analytics you let your data run over your query. »

Bigquery Training Resources for Digital Analysts

In this post I’ve tried to collect different training resources that I’ve found useful for myself, some for free and some for a fee. The focus is using BigQuery for digital analytics. If you are one of the lucky digital analysts who work for an organisation with the 360 version of Google Analytics or Firebase Blaze, but not started using BigQuery? Then, don’t wait for it, enable the BigQuery Export (read this post if you are acting in EU) and learn how to use BigQuery. »