Unlimited persistent disk in google cloud shell

I use google cloud shell as my primary development environment. By doing that I can easily work from whatever computer I want as long as it has a browser and Internet connectivity. Cloud shell is free and comes with pretty much all the tools you need to develop services on Google Cloud Platform. But it comes with a huge limitation, it only provides 5 GB of persistent disk which won’t last long if you work with software development. »

DataHem: open source, serverless, real-time and end-2-end ML pipeline on Google Cloud Platform

I’m excited to say that the project I’ve been working on the last year is now released as OpenSource (MIT license). DataHem is a serverless real-time end-2-end ML pipeline built entirely on GoogleCloud Platform services - AppEngine, PubSub, Dataflow, BigQuery, Cloud ML Engine, Deployment Manager, Cloud Build and Cloud Composer. When building ML/Data products, your most valuable asset is your data. Hence, the purpose of DataHem is to give you: - Full control and ownership of your data and data platform - Unsampled data - Data in real time - The ability to replay/reprocess your data unlimited times - Data synergies, i. »